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Are You An Expert?

Join the ExpertWomen community!

Thank you for your interest in being included in ExpertWomen, a database designed to make it easier for journalists, conference planners, recruiters and others to find women to interview, consult and hire.

Being listed will not only increase your media profile and credibility: you’ll be joining a community of women committed to actively participating in public discourse for a more democratic and equitable world.

A couple of items for consideration before you apply:

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to media interviews?

One of the reasons women’s voices remain seriously under-represented in public discourse is because women are far more likely than men to turn down media interviews. Being included in means agreeing to say yes to interviews whenever possible.

Are you an expert?

In order to be included in, you must have formal qualifications and/or demonstrated personal experience that will make you a credible source for journalists.

Examples include:

  • Relevant education qualifications (eg. degree or certificate from accredited institution)
  • Years of work experience in a relevant field
  • Professional accreditation by a respected authority
  • Title and affiliation with an established organization (paid or voluntary)
  • Direct personal experience of an issue (eg. mother of an autistic child)
  • Relevant publications (peer reviewed and/or professionally published)
  • Recognized leadership through:
    • paid consulting work with satisfied clients
    • research funding
    • relevant honours and awards
    • previous speaking invitations at conferences, events in your field
    • previous media requests or published commentaries

Ready to apply?

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