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About ExpertWomen

Making “we couldn’t find any expert women” obsolete!

IO_infographic_forweb_23Feb2016ExpertWomen is a project of Informed Opinions and Media Action, a non-profit committed to amplifying women’s voices for a more democratic and equitable world.

Here’s why we started the database:

Women constitute 60 per cent of university graduates in Canada and hold senior positions in many industries. Their visible leadership – as provincial premiers, university presidents, national news anchors – speaks to the gains made in recent years.

And yet – women’s voices still remain seriously under-represented in public discourse.

Recent research has found that women’s voices currently make up only 29% of those being heard on the air or quoted in print in Canada. And the fact is that little has changed in more than two decades: women have edged up a mere 5% as expert voices in the media since 1993. This absence undermines democracy and denies Canada access to the analysis and ideas of many of its best and brightest.

Expert sources whose ideas are shared in the media can have an impact on society’s policies and priorities. Their informed opinions can help to shape public attitudes and determine how governments spend tax dollars. It is also clear that those organizations and countries making effective use of women’s contributions are more competitive overall, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our goal is to ensure that women’s perspectives and priorities are equitably integrated into Canadian society. Want to help? Join the database, sign up for the journalists’ mailing list, or donate.


This project has been funded by Status of Women Canada.
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